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Our Services

Upon admission to Harmony House, clients are seen by a general practitioner for assessment and a treatment plan is formulated according to the specific needs of the individual.

  • Once the individual needs of the client have been identified, relevant practitioners are engaged through our integrated services program.
  • We use the services of a team of reputed medical practitioners who are experienced in treating addiction.

Harmony House is a well-reputed facility in the Victorian courts and our program has a history of positive outcomes for clients, from a welfare and legal perspective.

Our Addiction Specialist Clinician is available to conduct an expedient psychosocial assessment of the client, (custodial visit if necessary), and interact with lawyers and Victoria Police to assist with the Bail Application process.

The disease of addiction impacts the physical health and fitness of the individual. Healthy diet and regular exercise are integral parts of the program at Harmony House.

We are located close to St. Kilda Beach and Albert Park Lake. Clients partake in daily walks by the beach or lake as part of the exercise program.

After the initial reintegration phase of the program, clients are encouraged to take out temporary membership at a local gym, where an individually tailored workout regime is designed to assist in the overall strength and fitness of our clients.

Clients are involved in meal planning and preparation, as part of their development of life skills.

We highlight the importance of improved physical health and fitness, and the correlating impact on mental and emotional wellbeing.

Residential Rehabilitation and Reintegration Program

We offer 30–90 day programs based on clinical expertise and proven neuroscience. We develop an individualized program to enable our clients to achieve recovery, based on their individual needs.

All residents undergo a thorough psychosocial and medical assessment to determine their individual strengths and areas for development, which forms the basis of their individual treatment and recovery plan. We offer the integrated services of an experienced medical team including doctor and psychologist where appropriate.

Our clients have the unique experience of residing with their mentor and they become part of a trusted community. Staff are on hand to provide support on an ongoing basis and are trained and well-practiced in appropriate recovery models, drawing upon a wealth of education and lived experience.

The program focuses on life skills, emotional regulation, and post-treatment recovery planning. We provide our clients with the education and the skills to embrace change and manage addictive behaviours. We foster good habits, including regular sleep patterns, healthy nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and ongoing group therapy within the Harmony House community.

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Mediation And Mindfulness Sessions
  • Weekly Individual Counselling Sessions
  • Family Support And Mentoring
  • Recovery Educational Groups
  • Relapse Prevention And Continued Recovery Planning
  • Psychoeducational Group Meetings
  • Health And Fitness Program
  • Attendance At Self Help Community Meetings
  • Life Skills Education
  • Addiction And Recovery Education
  • Nutrition Education
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Family Program

Families affected by addiction carry a heavy burden. Problematic alcohol and drug use can significantly strain relationships, increase social isolation, and undermine the family’s physical, emotional and financial wellbeing. Research clearly shows that involving families in the rehabilitation process significantly improves long-term outcomes for all involved.

We believe that family inclusive practice is crucial to the recovery process, so we treat both the individual suffering from addiction and the loved ones whose lives have been profoundly impacted.


Family Consultation

Our program is based on proven methods and informed by the latest research in the neuroscience of addiction and recovery from addiction.

Family Education Program

Our Family Education Program provides valuable information to families about the treatment process, the cycle of addiction and post-treatment reintegration.

Families receive professional support. The program aims to inform, educate, and encourage family members. Our focus is the cultivation of a new approach to the family’s relationship with their loved one in treatment.

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Exit Plan and Relapse Prevention

At the end of the program our clients are provided with an exit plan. We assist clients to es-tablish a plan for their future and address the issues of housing, returning to work or study, and restoring connections with family and loved ones.

Day Program

We encourage clients to engage in the Day Program with includes daily check in session, in person or by zoom, every morning, as they have been encouraged to do whilst residing at Harmony House. After lunch, clients are encouraged to engage in thegroup sessions which include ongoing education.

The Day Program runs for 6 weeks but clients can negotiate to extend.

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