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About Us

Our Mission

To provide quality, effective addiction treatment services through advanced, best practice client care. We aim to develop an individual’s capacity to pursue an unimpaired and meaningful life through abstinence and restoration of the physical, emotional, and spiritual self

Research conducted by the national institute on drug abuse indicates that most addicted individuals require up to 3 months in residential treatment. In combination with the support and accountability Harmony House provides, this treatment style is designed to give the client the best possible opportunity of overcoming addiction and /or mental health issues.

We appreciate that recovery consists of multiple stages, and that each person’s journey is unique and individual.

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Our goal is to instill our clients with hope, prepare them to make better choices, and guide them with safe direction.

We combine the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and well established psychological therapies.

We encourage a strong orientation towards the community of self help recovery programs and exercise for health and wellbeing.

With the focus maintained on physical, behavioural, and emotional sobriety, clients are involved in a multi-disciplinary process that holistically caters to the body, mind and spirit.
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Our Values

We empower the individual to confront and overcome their addiction issues, commencing a transformation process.
We build the individual’s capacity to effectively reintegrate as valued members of both their families and the wider community.
We assist the pursuit of an unimpaired and meaningful life through abstinence, and restoration of the physical, emotional and spiritual self.
We encourage the individual to take personal responsibility for themselves by enabling them to take control of their lives.
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